No Greater Love

My sweet girl sure does love boots, and trendy clothes...and having fun.  She loves going to the park and just being let loose to have as much fun as possible.  I can't say that I blame her honestly - I mean I used to love it just as much when I was a child & I still love it, secretly! 


This is a photo of cousins.  That in itself, if you have cousins, speaks volumes to the context of the image.  I have cousins, but I did not grow up with them - and though miles have separated us our entire lives I always thought about what it must be like to grow up with them & what it must be…

My O

This is the face of someone that brings pure joy to my heart and soul.  Someone that I never expected to love, someone that I never expected to raise - but here she is - being raised and being loved, not only is she being raised and loved but she is loving as well.  She loves me, she loves her bro…

J&E e-Session

I have been working with Jami for some time now, we have collaborated on model sessions as well as some other sessions I won't mention..... ;) but she is always beautiful, always sweet, always respectful and fun.  When she asked me to be part of her engagement session I was thrilled to be working with her again.  I can't wait for her and this handsome guy to get married in November 2017.

These images were taken in the beautiful, and tranquil Cedar Key Florida.  I hope you love them as much as I do!