Rainbow Springs with Family - Summer Series 2017

When your brother asks you to meet you at a spring (of my choice) you go and you pick one that is in the middle for each of your commute.  We had a great day!

Fall / Holiday Sessions Information

This year, since I am closed down as a business I am only offering sessions to close friends and family during the fall months.  I have a few dates available for these sessions & they will all take place at your home &/or property or at my home in Fort White, I will not be doing sessions at…

Neptune Beach, FL - Summer Series 2017

So we decided, almost last minute to load up the car and head to Jacksonville to enjoy the beach with my sister Jessica, who lives in the area.  We met up for lunch and then headed out to Neptune Beach - which was EMPTY due to the weather.  But we didn't mind the rain, the wet sand, and the dr…

Shired Island, FL - Summer Series 2017

My parents love to camp at Shired Island , on the beautiful gulf coast of Florida (right outside of Cross City), and we enjoy going down and spending the day with them.  A few years ago, I actually camped as well - not that I loved it, I am more of a day tripper!